Air India Contact Customer Care Service

The world has become a global village and the air travel is the most important means of transport to shorten the long distances that lie between us. Air India Customer Service is one of the top most airlines of India. Air India has a network of flights all over the world. The services that Air India Chicago renders meet all international standards of quality and commitment. The latest technology has made booking of flight much easier than it was ever before.

Air India Customer Service Information Details

Air IndiaAll a passenger has to do is register with Air India and log on to the Air India website and search for the tickets of your choice. Air India Chicago is one of the best flights that India has to offer. The well-trained and compassionate staff show the height of hospitality when they care for the passengers.

If you have some issues with eth food that is served or have some special requirements due to health issues you have to bring this thing into notice at the time of booking and Air India Chicago will make sure that you get the lunch that suits you.

Air India Finding Ticket Online

No matter how many times you have to call the hostess for help they greet you with a smile and make every possible effort to make your journey comfortable for you. Finding tickets online is very convenient for the passengers and so is the cancellation of tickets with a fixed percentage of deduction of fair as per rule of Air India Chicago.

Air India Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance of Air India Chicago Air India Customer Service is just right for the needs of each passenger. In case your baggage is lost or gets damaged you have the right to make a claim for it. You can not only book your tickets through Air India website you can also see the schedule of flights and you can even track the status of a flight.

Air India Safety Measures for Traveling

There is one thing that you should take care of while travelling with family that if you have a child who is below the age of 2 it is ok but if he is two or more you might have to visit Air India Chicago booking office for the ticket of the child. The staff of Air India Chicago is always busy trying to entertain the passengers and make them feel at ease. They do it regardless of the passenger’s gender, religion nationality of color.

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